Why Self Storage?

Cash Flow From Day One

With high demand and low overhead, self storage facilities are ideal
CashGrowth properties – properties that consistently and conservatively provide cash flow, but with value-add opportunities that enable forced appreciation.

Minimal Operating Expenses

Self storage has the lowest monthly operating costs of any real estate
investment class. Low overhead is the key to strong cash flow, and the addition
of automated kiosks and management software provides the potential for even
further profitability.

Recession Resistant

Already recognized as one of the soundest real estate investments, demand for self storage can actually increase when economic activity slows. Historically, self storage has outperformed other asset classes through both good times and bad.

Market Appreciation

With Forbes predicting a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 135% into
2025, strong returns are on the horizon for self storage investors. Over the last
decade, self storage already produced the highest average NOI of any asset

Forced Appreciation

Value add adjustments in self storage are inexpensive compared to other asset classes, providing the opportunity to efficiently expand NOI. Opportunities such as optimizing the unit size mix or even simply enforcing late fees can quickly increase NOI. With many storage facilities operating on old systems, our rate optimization approach ensures proper pricing in every market.

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