Are You Accredited?

At Open Door Capital, we’re committed to giving you the information and resources you need to pursue your financial goals with confidence. But, we are not legal or personal finance professionals. For more guidance on your status as an investor and its implications, we recommend consulting your personal advisors.

For more information on the SEC definition of an Accredited Investor, visit

Open Door Capital’s investment opportunities are open to Accredited Investors. This is in accordance with U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulations.

You can become an accredited investor in multiple ways. The most common way is through net worth or income.

Individual Investors

You must meet at least one of the following criteria:

#1 – Income:

  • Individual income exceeding $200k

  • Or income exceeding $300k combined with a spouse

  • For the past 2 years, you have met the income threshold and expect it to remain at or above this level in the current year.

#2 – Net Worth:

  • Your net worth surpasses $1M

  • Cannot include the value of your primary residence.

  • (Don’t know your net worth? Use this calculator to figure it out.)

#3 – Professional Qualifications:

  • Some professionals, like licensed brokers and investment advisors, may also qualify as accredited investors.

  • (For a full list of professionals who receive automatic accredited status, visit


Accredited investor status isn’t limited to individuals. Certain entities can also qualify, including:

  • Registered investment companies.

  • Banks, insurance companies, and other financial institutions.

  • Certain types of trusts and employee benefit plans.

  • Entities where all equity owners are themselves accredited investors.

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