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Over 2000 investors have chosen to partner with Open Door Capital to build passive wealth for themselves and their families. Here’s what they have to say about their experience with us.

Five Star Investor Review of Open Door Capital
Open Door Capital Investor Review
Investor Review of Open Door Capital
Positive Investor Review of Open Door Capital
Honest investor reviews of Open Door Capital
Customer review of Open Door Capital's real estate investments
Satisfied investor shares experience with Open Door Capital
Positive review of Open Door Capital real estate syndication
Open Door Capital review by satisfied investor

Amad O.

“The Open Door Capital team is experienced and trustworthy and I feel confident investing with them.”

Steve R.

“Open Door Capital is very forthcoming and they’re very reachable. I like the fact that I can get to them, I can talk to them and I can get questions answered in a very timely manner.”

Amanda H.

“Open Door Capital goes to great lengths to make sure their investors not only have a great investment and return, but a great experience overall.”

Chris W.

“You can invest in Open Door Capital with confidence – they are going to care for you, care for your investments, care for the funds you invest in, and they’ll continue to give you a great return.”

Caroline N.

We invested in different funds and are really happy with ODC. We also love the people behind the syndication, so that helps build our trust. Thank you for caring about your people.

Dave K.

Since investing with Open Door Capital, I have had my questions answered promptly and enjoyed the communication. My distributions have arrived, as agreed, and I will be investing more as time goes by.

Tom T.

Unlike most places I’ve used in the past, I find the ODC team to be more like “family and friends” than nameless drones that don’t understand my investing strategies or needs. I’ve recommended them to family, friends, and business partners and they’ve all been happy with their decisions to invest with ODC.

Mike N.

We have invested with several other syndicators, but ODC is the one we keep coming back to. Their teams are amazing, their underwriting is comprehensive and their returns are solid. This is the way syndications should be run!

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