Asset Classes


Cash Flow From Day One

Many of our CashGrowth™ apartment buildings are already cash flowing before we acquire them. Our clear value-add and cost optimization strategies help expand and lock in consistent cash flow. We believe no investor should have to choose between cash flow and appreciation.

Forced Appreciation

We have a clear value add strategy for every property we acquire. From increasing efficiency through improved management to unit renovations and rent increases, apartments provide multiple opportunities for forced appreciation, aligning with Open Door Capital’s CashGrowth™ strategy.

Strong Demand

Targeting high growth and developing markets ensures strong demand. Because we are investing in B/C class properties, our assets are defensively positioned for low vacancy rates even in the face of changing market conditions.

Efficiencies of Scale

We invest in assets large enough to sustain dedicated management, providing for multiple efficiencies of scale. In certain markets, we also leverage our vertically integrated property management arm to oversee the assets, allowing us to capitalize on multiple synergies across our portfolio. Our systems-based management optimization drives operating margins, increasing NOI and investor returns.

Impact for Good

There is tremendous opportunity within this asset class to improve the living conditions of B/C class properties, creating value for the residents and providing an overall boost to the surrounding neighborhood.

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